Classroom AnyWhere

Create meaningful learning experiences through multimedia presentations and interactive lectures for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Go virtual with plans starting under $15 a student.

See learning happen

Customizable 2D campuses immerse students while avatars with real time listening, viewing, and idle indicators keep them engaged.

Focused on students

Accommodate every kind of learner with private and group messaging, crystal clear audio, high quality video, and multimedia presentations.

Built for educators

Quickly and easily prepare classrooms for lectures, group activities, and discussions. Students can view and interact while faculty lead and supervise.

Easily control classes

Teacher-controlled Collaboration Boards engage students by allowing educators to pace lectures, manage group activities, and lead discussions.

Instant guest access

Invite guest speakers, demo in-progress lectures to parents and prospective students, and enable aides to provide discreet assistance with a download-free URL.

Made to be mobile

Deepen the connection between students and curriculum by providing a modern learning experience streamlined for their favorite devices.

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Intuitive platform

Avoid lengthy tutorials and spending precious class time on troubleshooting with an easily mastered solution that's always accessible.

Best and brightest

Virtual campuses, instant guest access, and popular device support allows your organization to assemble the best faculty possible, regardless of location.

Easy migration

Our open platform provides the tools and features needed to integrate any courseware, from simple lecture slides to an entire set of custom modules.

Save resources

Eliminate costs associated with a physical campus and move to a reliable virtual platform that only requires a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What Customers are saying:

"Classroom Anywhere allows us to bring the one-to-one attention from our traditional courses to our online courses. This product has helped our College of Education connect with the pre-service teachers in a way that is allowing the faculty to coach the students during their student teaching and practicum courses. 

The TeleSpeak employees were very patient as we were setting up the system on our campus. They are always willing to answer questions and provide detailed information. Their tech. support and willingness to assist provides an A+ user experience." 
- Danyelle (Niagara University)

"ClassRoom AnyWhere, is the first solution that actually bridged the gap from a “Brick and Mortar” school to an fun and easy to use e-learning platform." 
- Sandy B

"Since our adoption of ClassRoom AnyWhere, our students actually like attending a virtual classroom." 
- Dr Mount

Engage today’s learners with a solution specifically designed for remote education. Strengthen their connection with curriculum and classmates for less than $15 a student.